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Founded in 2009

the company works in the field of construction, general contracting, paving roads, and road and bridge works.

The company has carried out many excavation and replacement works, infrastructure works, development, expansion and rehabilitation works in many major projects.

  • Preparing the base layer for paving :
    Grading and foundation works are an essential and important part of the asphalt paving process .
    To create a solid foundation, our work in the paving process relies on an experienced team who is able to complete all aspects of grading to create a solid basic level for the road .

  • Asphalt paving process :
    When implementing a new asphalt paving project, we focus strongly on effectiveness in terms of (appropriate cost - quality of service) and the highest priority is given to the project's needs and objectives that the client wishes to achieve.

  • Our asphalt services include, for example: sidewalks, bridges, parking, private and public roads, walkways, and airports.

Company Activity
We have implemented many projects in tourist villages, airports, major housing projects and new cities, in addition to contracting works within oil companies.
Road works at Mohamed Naguib military base affiliated to the National Company
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